CotaiTravel is a full-service travel agency serving the travel and ticketing needs of our hotel guests, conference and exhibition visitors, leisure travelers and visitors to Sands Cotai Central.
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CotaiTravel offers:

1. Worldwide Air Ticket

2. Worldwide Hotel Reservation

3. Sightseeing Tours

Quality and interesting local sightseeing tours are available, covering World Heritage and cultural historic sights, famous locations and contemporary development. Full or half day private tours in Macao can also be arranged.

4. Ground Transportation

We can reserve and issue all kinds of ferry tickets on scheduled and non-scheduled (charter) services (Cotai Water Jet, TurboJet, YuetTung), plus helicopter services from Macao to Hong Kong/China and vice versa. Exclusive transportation services for arrival/departure, on hire services, and dedicated shuttle bus services can be arranged, using our signature fleet of Venetian vehicle.

  • Ferry Tickets
  • Helicopter Tickets
  • Shuttle Services (Arrival/Departure Transfer, On Hire)
  • CTS Bus Ticket to China
  • China High-speed Rail Ticket

5. Sightseeing Tickets

6. Travel Insurance 

Travel Agent License No.: 0138

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